Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Wow. I can't believe it's been so long since I wrote here. My life has been crazy as always and although I've wanted to write several times about things going on in the months I either didn't have time or just lost the urge along the way.
This time I'm really writing...and it's about the 13th of November, the New Moon, Solar Eclipse, and Diwali Festival (Hindu Festival of Lights) day!!! And Mercury is in Retrograde. So while the planets are shifting the energy of the Universe, some of us may feel shifts within ourselves as well. I'm feeling it in extremely strong vibrations!!!
This is the time to end the past and old habits, and welcome new ones. Similar to New Years resolutions. The Diwali, also called Festival of Lights is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in India by Hindus and apparently the celebration day changes each year, depending on the moon cycle. So, for it to fall along with the New Moon and Solar Eclipse day in November is not a coincidence. I am not a Hindu, however this week long traditional festival where Hindus all around the world light candles to drive darkness away, and welcome new beginnings feels like whats going on inside of me...things are shifting inside...some feelings and cravings are going away, leaving room for new beginnings and new changes to occur. So, the Hindus must know what they're doing I think, their nature coincides with the energy shifts in the Universe. And this is something actively felt by many individuals, including myself. Of course, astrologically some people may be more sensitive to feeling these shifts then others, but I don't know much about Astrology. I go by my feelings and instincts, and I am feeling some shifts and new things happening in me.
When I told about my feelings and how the energy of Diwali is coinciding with the moon and eclipse effects, my new amazing Indian friend said that at times I seem more Hindu than he is. It's funny but true...I love the Indian culture, and the more I learn about it, it feels like my own or that I could fit in easily:)

About the New Moon, and the time to start new beginnings. This one now, is more potent and effective to also leave the past behind, let it be, and maybe letting it go with forgiveness. Because really we can't control our lives as much as we would like to. Things happen when they're supposed to happen for a reason. And while leaving the past behind, focusing on the moment, staying in the moment with whatever sensations and feelings life is offering at any particular moment (while continuing to breathe and without holding your breath) is an important shift. This is the way to Awareness, and understanding what is really going on inside of you, learning to listen to yourself. Breathing through any difficulty that you may be facing in life. (Holding your breath would mean you're not dealing with the situation). And then whatever the future is holding for you, you'll know that its going to end up being wonderful no matter what. Remember, life can not go dark forever. So, no need to worry about that either, or plan every detail of the future. Life is too hard, complicated and mysterious to worry about the past or future. However, the way we human beings are, influenced by our egos, and experiences, worry is something we will have to deal with at some points in our lives.

Breathing is important here. Especially when we are faced with any kind of difficulty in our lives. Breath and air is the essential life force called Prana in Yoga. Without breath, life wouldn't exist. And when we hold our breath, it creates stress in the body. There is also scientific evidence that breathing from the nose is more important for health, than breathing from the mouth (unless your nose is stuffed up of course). The importance and ways of breathing is thought in Yoga. However, this would be another topic to write about later. Meanwhile, you could consider thinking about what this means to you...Have you noticed if you breathe from your nose or mouth more often? and What would happen if you started to breathe from your nose rather than your mouth?
I absolutely can tell from my experiences that, if I don't practice yoga and breathing exercises for some time, I get more anxious, and out of breath, and then find myself breathing from my mouth at times. I can confess that I wasn't practicing much yoga this summer, it was a stressful summer (in which I needed yoga) but I just wasn't in the environment I could practice in. And as a result, I got even more stressed which also resulted in some allergy attacks which I was not expecting since I thought they were all gone from lots of Acupuncture sessions. However, I was avoiding my daily practices.
Now, I have come back to my daily yoga practices and to Acupuncture and Ayurvedic healing practices which are helping out a lot. And then just recently during a Family Constellation session I realized that I finally have moved along (forward), and do not look back at my parents support any longer.
Also, it has now been 2 years in October that I've been living in Turkey. I did want to do a Second Year Anniversary celebration but I was too busy doing touristy stuff with an American friend who was visiting and I think I forgot about it. However, I definitely have been feeling more settled in especially since I got back from Bodrum (was there for 3 months in the summer), back in my personally decorated, colored, safe home and new job. I have been feeling some positive changes about to happen soon, I think because I felt more settled and accepting of the country, although I of course still have many disagreements since it's still a culture I'm learning.
What also happened is that I finally felt that I am really Turkish in deed!!! No matter how much I may want to deny this, and I may seem more American at times, I have the Turkish roots in me. However, this doesn't change the fact that I feel and act Turklish still. Now, I am able to accept my Turkish roots and honour them within me because it is part of what I received from my parents.
So, the month of November this year seems to gather many celebrations...a New Year, acceptance of my roots and family, letting go of the past, and welcoming new beginnings. I feel ready to go bungee jumping almost!!! haha not really:))

So I'll end this note with a quote from Sianna Sherman, a very wise yoga teacher who's workshop I just attended a week ago in Istanbul. She answered the question "What kind of Awareness is Yoga about?" at a Turkish newspaper interview: " At first, you start to have more energy and you start to feel good. You slowly start to notice things in life that you couldn't notice before because you've been tired or life was chaotic. So, this awareness has a physical and spiritual effect. After this process, you start to see the bigger picture, rather than the little details. At the end of the Yoga journey, you'll be seeing the forest!"
I loved her amazing energy as well as Seane Corn who was teaching together with Sianna. I highly recommend meeting both of them!!!

Happy November!!!

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