Tuesday, June 15, 2010


FRESH is a movie/documentary about Food of course, fresh food, fresh thinking, a fresh movement, sustainable living and all that good and delicious stuff. It is somewhat similar to the movie that was made before this, Food, Inc. but is supposed to give us ideas on what to do to promote a sustainable and fresher life-style and environment. So far, I know this movie is showing in several cities in the US. I hope it will spread abroad and maybe you and I can help do that. See their website for lots more great info and how to host a show! I recommend Food, Inc. as well and see my recommendations list for books about this issue.
So, its not really a new movement or thinking as organic and sustainable small farms have always been how our food was grown until the money maniac companies became powerful enough to control how food is grown or I should say made as in a laboratory. Oh damn the politics...but not that easy, it can be up to us individuals to get united to spread the word of the torture thats going on to animals, plants and out planet and to start taking little steps and developing it into bigger steps to eventually return to sustainable living and save our planet. See my previous post, Down to Earth, about what you can do.
But I know sometimes it seems like organic might be a new movement or new idea for growing food which is just too expensive for the general public to afford. Nope thats a Incorrecto! Like I said its been the way food was grown before, the food that smelled and tasted awesome and had all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients we humans need to function well and not get sick often and just die from natural causes or aging instead of complications developing from morbid obesity and type 2 diabetes. And that is why it's not as expensive as you think, eating all the other non-organic food may not really have the same nutritional quality as the organic varieties and plus has the added growth hormones, antibiotics and pesticide residues which eventually could make us very very sick which would require a lot of money to treat. And at the end you keep spending all that money to get well when you are already sick but could have spent money on organics from the start to help prevent sicknesses. Well don't count me on all of this...this last part is partially my theory which needs to be researched better. So there you have it, a new post from me again on Organic Food, oh so boring. How dare you! Stop that yawning and go and buy fresh organic food (almost everything is available in organic now, well at least in US) and let me know how it goes...it's the only healthiest and sustainable food we can trust right now (oh yes unless you grow your own organics). All done for now...