Thursday, January 27, 2011

Exclusive Breastfeeding

Just an exciting announcement that I have my first online article published with the Damara e-journal. Yep, it's about exclusive breastfeeding, expressing the importance of the amazing human milk. It's available in English and Turkish, I originally wrote it in English since my Turkish is still not well enough for translations, this link should get you to the English version:
If not click on English to change the language and find the article 'Why Six Months Exclusive Breastfeeding?' under Breastfeeding topics. For Turkish, click on Turkce to change the language and then find the article 'Niye Alti Ay Sadece Anne Sutu?' under Emzirme.
Even though you may have nothing to do with this topic, I encourage you to at least take a quick look at the article and the website. You never know what you may learn next...
Hope you enjoy it. Oh by the way, you can also find me under their expert list:) But still I'm always learning and learning, unfortunately, this will never end:)
Will write more soon about why I have neglected updating my blog and more...